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I have the following quandry :-A foreign company(A) has a Wholly owned subsiadry in India(B). A sells software online displayed in UK. B induces indian buyers to buy this software from the online app run by A. Now two indian companies C and D places orders for licenses worth 10 grand and 30 grand respectively on the same day. C's chairman has a brother working in B. This brother in B interchanges the order i.e C gets the item worth 30 grand for the 10 grand he paid, the opposite happened to D. Now D is suing A AND B for compensation by filing a suit in New Delhi. How should he proceed so that B and A both are liable ?

Hello Sriram,

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Very generally, to proceed to hold multiple entities liable in a suit, one would name them both as Defendants.  In the Complaint, the Plaintiff can plead facts and law that demonstrate liability by each Defendant for relevant cause(s) of action, such as Breach of Contract or Negligence, etc.  During the case, if the Plaintiff can convince the judge or jury that the facts support liability, a judgment would issue against the Defendants.

I hope this helps, good luck to you and your family.

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