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What is the main reason (or reasons) for divorce that you see nowadays?

Also, what percentage of divorces are caused by cheating/infidelity?

Also other issues.

(From your experience in divorce law)


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The short answer to your question in the category of Family Law is:  I don't know, and I don't think anybody has that answer.

I practice law in Minnesota where it is my understanding that there is a no-fault standard that is common among other States.  I think California started that trend back in 1970.  That means that divorce has evolved a lot since King Henry and the dark ages when parties to a divorce then had to prove to the court some cause, like cheating or infidelity.  All that is required now is that one partner in the marriage simply does not want to be married.  The phrase commonly used in a divorce petition here is "there has been an irretrievable breakdown".

Minnesota Courts are not interested in the cause of that breakdown.  The law only addresses a "fair and equitable" distribution of the parties financial property, and provides for custody and support of common children of the parties.  

With that in mind, I think you can understand that there is no knowledge base where the cause(s) of divorce are collected and from which percentages of individual causes can be calculated.  With respect, your question is similar to calculating the percentage of people who have car collisions while wearing blue jeans.  People that work in the area of car collisions, like police, tow truck drivers, insurance people and even lawyers etc. are simply focused on other aspects of the incident and do not empirically gather extraneous data.  You might find it helpful to know I have never asked a client why (s)he is getting divorced because of the foregoing legal reasons and also because personally I feel that its none of my business.

I hope this helps, good luck to you.

Morgan Smith
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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