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Dear Sir, I am constructing a two storeyed residential building for us. We are providing groundlevel beams (RCC) on which 9" brick masonry will be constructed till plinth, instead of ucr masonry.
Our plinth height is 5 ft. Outside walls we are putting groundlevel RCC beam, where as inner walls will have plinth RCC beams. Outside walls since already have groundlevel beams here we are providing lintels..
Now our doubt is since the filling inside the building is very heavy,  can we construct a 9" brickwall. will it take the earth filling pressure of 5 ft.? please we have to go for UCR instead?

Dear Veena

If the walls are bearing the weight of above roof , you shal use at least 14" brick wall, otherwise you may have to use UCR walls. If the walls are self supporting and bear onley their own weight you can use a 14" brick wall.


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