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QUESTION: Respected Sir,
         I am a student of MS Structural Engineering.I need a help from you for my thesis topic. My field of interest is "Bridge Engineering" & "Dynamics of Structures". Please suggest my few topics which may be helpful in near future for Ph.D.

ANSWER: Dear Asad

Multiple seismic effect on long span bridges. Is it ok as an idea?

You know that we apply a single earthquake on structures due to relatively constant seismic characteristics along the dimensions of a building but is it true for a long span bridge?  , say 1 km or 2 or even more? Let me know what you think about.


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QUESTION: Respected Sir,
        With due thanks, I understand your answer in two different ways.
1)Seismic effect on a long span bridge along its length and height.I think
  its not too much problem because if a bridge is located near a Tectonic
  Plate.The effect will be almost same for 1,2 km length.
2)Multiple Seismic effect on a long span bridge for throughout its life,
  Because we only analyze our model for one time Earth Quake. And
  multiple Earthquake may cause Fatigue Stress failure.
Please clear it and Please consult me a person who have research on these topics till now.

Dear Asad

I mean due to  large distamce between piers time histories from one pier to another may differ. Then you dont have a sigle time history acting same time on all piers. You may have a typical time historiy acting on piers with delays.


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