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hamid sehat wrote at 2012-12-07 20:16:58
beam/column capacity is one of important AISC-ASD01 design code checks.but unfortunatly etabs check this item only for columns whit H shape section.

whenever if you receive this message " beam/column capacity ratio exceeds limit " it meens that your columns stiffness are wake infront of your beams stiffnes in thos joint that etabs show you.

and you have to decrease size of your beams or increase size of you column in those joints.

best wishes

Engr. Shelvin Atilano wrote at 2013-11-04 15:21:00
When you see the message Beam/column ratio exceeded it means the ratio of capacity over demand is more than 1 which tells us that that when a column turns to red after the analysis we need to enlarge the size of the column up to the time the color will turn to yellow ( capacity/demand < 1 ) or decrease the size of the beam.

The capacity is the stress created from the loads applied in the column while demand is the stress that can sustain by the column before it will collapse.

Actually color coding of Etabs can be seen in the color tool bar. And from that you can check the meaning of color whether It is red, green, and/or yellow.

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