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column diagram
column diagram  
QUESTION: i want to design one inclined steel column. i have attached the image. please guide how can i analyse and design this inclined steel  column. again i need to decide whether vertical or inclined column is economical on theoretical basis. i have analyse these two problems using staad and vertical column comes economical, how?. Note; structures are to be used for seafastening.

ANSWER: Dear Daimi

Vertical columns are usually more economical due to the stability problem which goes more critical in inclined or imperfection situation. To make an inclined column stable you would use it inside a truss system.


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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply,
But from pure analysis point of view, if height is same the moment at support will same so column design needs to be same,yes?. plaese help me how can i analyse the inclined column.

ANSWER: Dear Daimi

The model you sent is instable and cant be analyzed, please send me the total problem. The vertical column is rather a beam. What is your real problem?

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inclined column problem.
inclined column proble  
QUESTION: Thanks for your reply.
I have attached description of my problem and approach by which i tried to design it. but my boss is saying that the inclined column support to cargo for seafastening will be more economical. but staad show vertical configuration is economical. please guide me to understand actual behavior of this problem.

Dear daimi

Inclined column is more economical, potentially,  because it plays the role of bracing under horizontal loadings like earthquake and wind. One more point is the length of inclined column is more than the vertical one's. Then I can say that, the inclined column make your structure more economical but the size of the column itself will increase. Then please check the economy of your total structure . You will see probably that the whole situation got better, economically.


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