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Dear Sir,
I am working as RE (civil) in substation project. Our client structural engineer give more comments for the submittals drawing and due to that more delays occur.
Our EPC contractor have his own respected Designer and our office have the same reviewing the drawing and designs and no more comments was there.
How to send respected letter and information to the client management explain the delay due to their engineer.

Dear Sarmad

This is a general suggestion . For more detail I need to have more information. I suggest you to write a letter to your client and ask for a modification in project program ( CPM or so) due to some requirement about the engineer being more involved in controlling procedure. You can explain that you must see a milestone in the program because the project will suffer from unexpected delays.  This approach will make sense for your client and for your engineer too without making a scandal in your interrelation.

Please let me know if this is ok for you.


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