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QUESTION: Dear Mr.Hakimi

pls I have an issue regarding a strip footing for 2 stories house footing and the land is confined by 3 sides back and 2 sided sides by another houses,for the 2 stories house (the ground slab sits on the ground not footing) I came to the calculations of 800mm width by 400mm depth and 10mm steel reinforcement with 6mm ties.

the question is how I will treat this footings adjacent to other bounded houses?
which the 240mm thick brick wall suppose to be located not on the center of the strip footing ? is there any special procedures should be taken in the footing or it will be dealt same as if it sits on center ?

taking in mind that the major parts of the footing will be eccentric because the house surrounded by other 3 houses from 3 sides.

pls advise,,,thank you very much and mamnoon in advanced

strip footing
strip footing  
ANSWER: Dear Mohammad

The strip footing will play its role to transfer the moment due to eccentrically. In eccentrically loaded spread footings you must connect the side footings to central footing through a strong beam called strap. This beam will carry the moment of eccentric footing. Please look at Bowles or any handbook.

Please look at pic I sent you .


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the answer and for sending the attached sketch,

But as I described in my original question the footings (strip 800*400)mm carrying brick wall there are no columns the house is built on bearing walls

Dear Mohammad

Columns are means of transferring loads. If your system is a wall system then the loads will be transferred through walls and no significant difference between 2 systems for your strip footing. The moment due to eccentric load must be carried by strip footing system.


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