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I have Bs. in structural civil engineering, and I am doing master in the effect of fire on concrete and steel building and suggestion a redundancy systems to prevent collapse. But I faced a challenge in modeling fire using etabs and sab 2000, and I tried abacus but it was very hard, kindly advice if you have references explain modeling fire using Sab 2000, or if you know someone can help me in this subject.

I apreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.
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ANSWER: Dear Abla

First of all you should define your fire scenario according to situation of structural members.

2- Then you would assume different levels of strength of the structural members, according to temperature of your scenario.

3- A redundant system would prevent the column to fail.

4- I suggest you to make a heat transfer model for a single column in abaqus or ansys to show how the thickness of the architectural material or the cover would prevent the rods to be heated.


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QUESTION: Thank you,finally I found someone who knows and understand my subject, I  had already predicted the thickness using comsol software for columns and beams, it enables you to apply increment heat on the element. But I found the expression " fire scenario " in several references, can you tell me more details about it, I know that we put it first in one room then we start adding rooms but when we suggest fire scenario, do we assume the fire is constant or what?.
My problem that when I tried to apply fire in room of the building using SAP2000, I modeled the fire by modifying the thickness above rods as I couldn't find way to model increment fire in SAP 2000 and the results did not make sense.
I know I asked lot of questions, but I appreciate your patience and help.
best regards,

Dear Abla

A fire scenario is about the extent of fire and the duration of it before extinguishing. When you have a 2 hours fire for your building it means that you must be able to extinguish fire before 2 hours, then you will need a fire safety strategy with elements in your fire fighting plan. Suppose your building is located far from  a city without any fire detection and fire fighting plan in the building then your building must be able to withstand fire around say, 6 hours. I mean i is very dependent on various parameters of the building and the urban situation.

In sap you cant model a fire but the strength loss due to fire which is dependent on your fire scenario will be extended from a plan you will drop it down.

I hope this helps you.


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