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Dear Sir: I installed  thrmocouples at 15  different locations in the raft of 15m by 30m by 3m. At each location, I installed 3 thermocouples; one at 50mm from the bottom, one at the middle and one on the top of the raft. Maximum core temperature i.e in the core middle of the raft, was 77.17 deg. C. How will I calculate the Maximum Differential temperature if the periphery top and middle temperatures are 60 deg C and 55 deg. C respectively. I mean, the difernece should be calculated from the top temperature or the centre of the periphery which is about 17m rom the core thermocouple.
Thanks indeed.

Dear Mahmoud

An average would be a good solution but a weighted average would be better. I suggest you to use half of perimeters for peripheral temperature. You can neglect the core temperature because it is not assigned to a no zero perimeter.


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