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QUESTION: A simply supported beam of spam 9m has a uniformly distributed load spanning throughout the span and also has two point loads of 20KN and 30KN acting at 3m and 6m from the starting of the beam respectively.Using double integration method derive the elastic curve slope and deflection equation and also determine the slope at the point of application of load 20KN(3m)and the deflection at the point of application of the load 30KN(6m).Determine the elastic curve slope and deflection equation and also defer the slope at B and deflection at  C.Using double integration method.

ANSWER: Dear Falomomi Abraham

I am in vacation I will answer you later.


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QUESTION: My question has not being answered for the past 3weeks.

Dear Falomomi

You cant find slopes using direct integral method because you don't have a zero slope point for reference, but deflection it is possible. It seems this is a homework, If you need the deflections please give me the intensity of uniform load.


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