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Q1. in moment distribution method when we analyzing a structure it seems that the section where the moment of inertia is taken larger for a section  (elasticity is constant for all the members) will take more if in analysis if we consider two sections first is less stiff and having more load and moment than the second one . and the second one is stiffer than the first but having less load and moment than the first section a section. both are rigidly connected connected suppose two columns in a row connected by beam. will that second second section (stiff section) take the moment of that first section(less stiff than the second section) automatically in practical .
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It is right the point. The moment of each member is a summation of distributed moments ( stiffer members has bigger moment) and fix end moment due to loading. May be the summation of the moments is not greater for stiffer member. Any doubt about?


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