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Dear Arshad,
i have a project in doha, Qatar with the following data:
1- 3 basements (30,000 m2 each) WITHOUT any expansion joint,
2- ground floor above basement also without expansion joint.
3- above ground floor level a have multi towers (5), my question is , how can i model this huge project by making a good assumptions to take each tower alone and have 6 seperate models ( 6 working enginners). if i model every tower above groud alone (groud floor is the base)then how can i model and DESIGN my vertical elements under groud ( in basements level).

thanks in advance sir,and sorry for the too much writing

best regards, God bless you!

Hi Robert,

I would make the basements model from one level below GFL, to simulate flexibility of upper walls. Then generate the 5 models from -1 level as base. Run all 5 models, get the support forces for all combinations and apply them to the basement model for design of basement walls, columns and foundations.

This assumption will be valid for the basement designs if most of the towers are similar heights and with similar natural periods of vibration. If not, and if seismic forces are to be catered for, the simulation becomes less accurate due to simultaneous out-of phase responses of the towers.

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