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QUESTION: I want to know how to use the value for shear reinforcement provided in ETABS output results when designing the beam for shear. Thanks

ANSWER: Dear Hasnain

Results of shear reinforcement are usually in (cm2 or in2 in m or ft ). Then it remains for you to distribute this amount via definite bars . For example 10 cm2 per meter may mean  rectangular stirrups (2 legs) of bar #13 with 20 cm of distance .


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QUESTION: Thanks for you reply.

I'm using lb/in2 in etabs. And the usual results are 0.02, can you show an example of using it?

Dear hasnain

0.02 in2/ft is very small then the minimum reinforcement is required ( do you know how to calculate the minimum reinforcement ?) You will need a minimum reinforcement say # (1/8 in) @ half the height of the girder. Then you would distribute stirrups of #8 with 10 in of distance for a beam with 20in of height (effective height :d)

But let's guess you would need 0.2 in2/ft . if you used #b you would need 0.2/2 (2 legs# / .01226#area of 1/8 in bar) = 8.16 . Then you need 12/ 8.16= 1.47 in then you will need rectangular stirrups of 1/8 in of diameter with 1.5 in of distance.


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