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Hello, i am a young engineer entering the industry of building high-cost residential houses, those which rich people can afford, as a Project engineer.

As my Project Manager to be has said, I must be able to create plans and work schedules to be followed so as to have as to have deadlines, so that that there would also be a "parallel" schedule when the suppliers would deliver and subcontractors to come in.

It's been long since i graduated and i have forgotten much of the theory on project make matters worse, my work starts in just a few days! Do you know of a site,preferably with diagrams, which is concise but elucidates topics such as : How to create program of works, PERT-CPM, S-curve..I know this three things are interrelated.

Or if no link is available, what advise would you give me on how to create the program of works, S-curves,etc. so as to optimise project const. through planning? Kind regards..

Dear Nords

You should follow theses steps for planning :(with resource)

You can use excel for preliminary planning

1- Draw your idea about the main topics of your projects. (work breakdown structure)
1- list the activities title
2- assign them a code like 1, 2 , 3
3- write down which one of activities is predecessor and successor of which one .
you should have 2 columns for successor and predecessor

4- assume duration for each activity according to nature and man power you guess you will have access to.

5- Draw a pert scheme showing the interdependency of activities.
6- analyze all existing paths from start to end. The longest duration is the project duration.
7- A pert chart shows you activities in vertical axis and the time in horizontal axis.
8- In any date you can calculate the man power you  will need.
9- For any activity you can calculate the total man power you will need.
10- Any delay in critical path( longest duration) will increase the project accomplishing time.
11- The amount of various man power or any other resource you will need may have fluctuation during the time of the project ( in the first month you may need 300 man hour and in the second 400 man hour , this fluctuation may make troubles inside the project) . In this situation you may need to assume a relatively uniform man power and change the activity duration and check the total time of the project.

please give me your e-mail address so that I can send you a manual. Don't hesitate to ask me if needed.


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