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Train running on two rails
Train running on two r  
Dear Babak

Will there be advantages in modeling a train running on three rails instead of two rails ?.

I Feel the advantage would be carrying more people capacity for a compromise of Train manufacturing cost incurred.

All Trains run on two rails. Now the same train will be running on three rails.

Merits : Length and Height of the train remains the same, adding a new rail 3 for the single train will result in increase of train width. Now the Load (People, Luggage) carrying capacity will increase. i.e. More People can commute / travel in the train.

Demerits : Manufacturing cost = Raw Materials cost + Labour cost. Manufacturing cost for the New Train construction to run on three rails will increase.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear prashant

I think that the problem is not to increase the number of rails. I think that in fact only 2 rails will carry the load of train because of errors and deflections. The 3rd rail cant be loaded unless the design of train mechanism ( springs ) is so that the deflection of one rail support doesn't remove the rail as a support. I guess a train will be  vulnerable under oscillations due to rail imperfections if it is provided with  soft springs.


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