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QUESTION: "sir, iam doing mtech in manipal university
I willl be doing a project related to fluid foundation interaction in gravity dams
So I need some objectives for this project.What all i can discuss in it.
Sir , Can u suggest some objectives for me plz"

ANSWER: Dear Priyan

Fluid-Structure Interaction has for target to increase the accuracy of hydraulic loading then I think the following objectives might be of concern:

1- Seismic loading due to water splashing and its interactive effect on the structure.

2- Loading due to evacuation of the dam : acted on the spillway or other auxiliary structures.

You would find other objectives like these.


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QUESTION: Thanks sir,

When considering an existing gravity dam. Which all area can be taken for project??
Specially it's Design life period is over,Still it's working.
Considering it's strength ,life factors.
So Can i have a scope in doing any project about it??
What all objectives i should take??

Iam Mtech Structural student
I"ll be doing related to fluid structure interaction in dam.
Expecting a hoefull reply

ANSWER: Dear Priyan

Aging analysis of the dam based on reliability aspects can be a good project. Reinvestments to make alive a system is based on the same foundation. You can imagine a company with 100 years of experience might need to reassess its objectives and make use of opportunities to join with smaller companies. In a dam you may need to make use of an old structure with a lot of sediments which make the dam not to be very efficient. May be you can use the dam for another 10 years. Reliabiliy analysis of the dam is the key of your question.

In this way you will need to have study on engineering reliability.


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QUESTION: Sir, Can u briefly explain which are those reliability aspects that may come for an aged dam
is it good to rennovate in the same foundation or better to build a new dam??/

Dear Priyan

What is the objective of reliability? It defines the probability of failure of a system ( with probabilistic characteristics) under internal and external impacts. For example you need to know how much is the probality of failure of a new built structure under environmental loading.  The probability of failure increase with aging because of reduction of material quality.

For a dam with lowered quality due to aging and also cumulative sedimentation you will have a much more chance to failure to reach to objectives of design and construction. The main objective to construct a dam is to provide the country with due water. This will give us some benefits. To reach to such a goal you will need to construct a dam or make use of the existing ones. You will have 2 scenario on the table : keep the old dam or construct a new dam. Which one has the lowest probability to reach to the design goals?

You must investigate the risks of the 2 alternatives too. I define the risk as the average cost ( money or other values)  of failure of the system. You will need to decide between 2 projects with differet probability of failure and risk.


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