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QUESTION: I am constructing an apartment of G+4. My question is in First floor the column rods misaligned 2- 3" while slab concreting. While marking for the extension of columns to second floor I found bars are dislocated about 2-3" from the original position. So the rod bender(Worker) Kinking the rods to its original position. My doubt is what is the permissible "kinking" to get the right alignment and safe in its loading? And also suggest whether kink the rods or not and also suggest any other ways in case kink is not suggestible.

ANSWER: Dear Murthy

You cant exceed more than 1% to 2%  of the columns section dimensions. You should increase the column dimensions and use planted rods to make a well formed column.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No clarity in your answer. I already constructed Ground floor. So I can't change the column dimension at bottom. If I increase the column dimension at 1st floor the width of the column becomes more than at the ground floor. IS IT PERMISSIBLE?? The rod is dislocated from its original position for 1". My question is can I kink the rod to its original position of 1"?? Can I do this ?? Please give me a precise answer. I know your time is valuable, but please be precise.

Dear Murthy

Sorry about my unclear response last time. I will try to explain more.

An example: It is not accepted to dislocate the column of 15 x 15 inches more than 0.02 x 15 = 0.3 in. Otherwise the misaligned columns will suffer from unwanted moments. Then you need to recompense this problem following one and/or both of these ways:

1- to increase the dimension of the misaligned column
2- to try to move the upper columns back step wise so that the misalignment in upper story reach to zero.

In addition I suggest you to control the concrete quality for the remaining of the structure and try to keep it higher than what you have done for the already constructed structure.

In my opinion it is not a major and unregretable fault if you have a greater column in upper story. The main problem is to kill the misalignment preferably stepwise.

Please feel free to ask me further in the case of any doubt.


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