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Model in ETABS
Model in ETABS  

Im modeling a belltower in Etabs 2013, consisting of 4 walls (see picture attached). What I need for further calculation are the maximum stresses, forces and moments in those walls.

Im not sure, wheather to use, shell stresses and forces, story forces or if I have to assign pier or spandrel labels?

Would be great if you were able to help!

thank you very much!
sincerly yours,


ANSWER: Dear Kathy

Is it a multiple story building or a single story to hold a bell? If the latest is your case I suggest you not to use pier and spandrel and use the shell element. After all I usually try the other models to check my answers.

Please don't hesitate to let me know about your very problem.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dir sir,
Thank you for your answer!
the tower is 32,5 meter tall. the for walls are connected through 6 floors until a height of 23,4. The Tower holds four bells. I modelled one story for each bell (story 7-10). I used shell elements, (thell thin). the dynamic forces when ringing the bells cause forces in the walls which i am supposed to put in another program to get the relevant stresses. And Im not sure whether to use shell forces or story forces, or something completely different?

Im not sure if i express myself correctly, but thank you very much for trying to help me :-)


Dear Kathy

Your idea to use story moments as governing moments applied to the walls is great. Shell forces cant be directly used in design purpose. Using wall elements and piers and spandrels are also a good guide toward the control of results.


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