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I want to know that how can we see the back end calculations in sap. Like if I have a column and I want to know that what value of slenderness is calculated by sap? how can I know that? And similarly how can I know the values of Cb, Cm, Lb etc.?

ANSWER: Dear Nouman

After design being performed you should right click on desired column and click the details icon in the window opened. A detailed calculation will be given .


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QUESTION: But it only shows the warning such that kL/r > 200 or not. I want to see the  actual values calculated by the software. Such that if kL/r > 200 then what is the value calculated by the software Either it is 250 or 300 or whatever.

ANSWER: Dear Nouman

I suggest you to increase the moment of inertia of the column to get a result less than 200. Then you can calculate what you need according to ratio of moment of inertia. Please let me know wether you were successful or not.


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I know that we increase moment of inertia of column to cater slenderness. I want to know that how can we see the mathematical value CALCULATED by SOFTWARE either our section is OK or NOT. This is not the matter. I just want to know the value CALCULATED by the SOFTWARE.
LIkE in STAAD it tells the value of slenderness (150,250,350etc) So does sap tells the actual value calculated?

Dear Nouman

Just to know what the software has calculated you can increase the moment of Inertia by a factor of say 1.7. After analysis  the software gives you a slenderness say 180 . Then you can calculate the previous slenderness drawn by sap using SQRT (1.7) *180 = 234 .

234 is the slenderness calculated by the software. Don't worry and let me know your idea.


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