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Salam sir. Hope you are doing fine. I just want to ask that I am designing a frame whose base is pinned and it has a fixed connection with Rafter(Beam) at the top while no bracing is provided at top to cater sidesway. What value of k must be used. Should we consider it as pinned at base and fixed at top or pinned at base and free at top. Please note that it has a fixed connection with beam at top but no bracing to resist lateral loads.

Hi Nouman,

Fist of all you need to consider slenderness of the column about both axes, and this is determined on the basis of the fixity conditions at both ends along both axes- so you need to work out the stiffness of the beams at the top, relative to the stiffness of the column. There are formulae in the relevant codes (especially for steel), or if you use ETABS that works it out automatically. I reckon in your case the factor will be between 1.0 and 2.0

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