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QUESTION: Engr. Babak,

I am working in saudi arabia for almost 4 yrs. and i've been assigned to manage a project. my problem is this:
1. my team are incompetent?? that I have to help them in guide them from RFI, TQ, to coordinate with the consultant for the inspection?
2. Im a civil engineer that when it comes to my scope of work everything was in order, but when it comes to architectural, mechanical and architectural, we have to undergo 2 to 3 reinspection just to comply the requirements owner. a waste of time, money etc..
3. my materials approval , procurements , schedules are all affected because of there attitudes. (lazyness)
4.This is the first they have encounter to work as a contracting in the hospital & university projects. before they are just working in villa's and residential.
5.they are the pioneer in this company and whatever i will do to report my problem with the owner of our company about this problem he just didn't make any actions even he know already that the fault on the other trades.
6.since the start of the project Im always remind, pushing the materials submittals and subcontractors approval but what I see they are just calm.
7. we are nealry in deadline and i need to to send a request of extension (time) just becasue of my team negligence??

sir if you were in my shoes what will yo do? we have a meeting regularly with the owner and my team but because of this situation my credibility to the owner as a project manager was not that strong compare before. please help me for advice.

ANSWER: Dear Seco

I suggest you to prepare a Project State Report explaining the state of the project, The very causes of retardation and every problem you may have in the project in detail including financial problems as well, but keep in mind that your report should have a summary section and also highlighted statements to give more and quick sense of the project state to your client or sponsor or owner. A section of your report must be made to give a clear sense of the amount of extension according to your initial schedule. I suggest you not to make any of personnel under your authority subject of reproach or accusation unless it is essential. You should see the project and its organization not the individuals. For example I propose you to state : "We must reorganize due to some weakness we have in engineering section" . Not this :" Mr Jones cant do its duties" . You should criticize your organization not the staffs. Please let me know about any action you would do and its result.


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I already send a letter of extension but it will be decided by the owner, if we are worth to be given an additional extension in the project. they have to study first. yes you are correct I never criticize a staff but as an organizational team, but to reorganize my team again , i believe its the management and the the HR's fault when it comes to the hiring process or how they hired the person's involve in this project. I respect the decision of my management whatever will the outcome of this project. it's so complicated because of the internal problemS in our company and I have no power to correct it. I have to go with the flow, maybe.. or think of it again what will i do in my future career.

Thanks BEH.

Dear Seco

I suggest you again to prepare a Project State Report as part of the documentation of the project. There you can ask for more authority to choose your own colleagues. A PSR Report will give a strength to your career and organization post.


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