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QUESTION: dear sir, i am a fresher and i am currently working on a project in etabs. The load tranferred at the foundation is around 1700 kilo newton.(22 storey residential building. 2bhk flats) for me this is just number. only you could say whether they make sense. i am not asking whether they are accurate. thank you in advance.

ANSWER: Dear Panner

1700 kn means 170 tons for 22 storeys which in turn is equivalent to around 8 tons for each story which is meaningless. But if you found 170 ton for just one column it means around 8 tons for each column. for an area of 30 cubic meters for a typical column  you have 8000/30= 300 kg/m2( total uniform loading on the roof)  which seems a bit low but it depends on architectural details you are using . Please let me know about any doubt you may have. You may know that your structural system and nature of the loading will influence the judgement.


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QUESTION: thank you for the reply sir..
i agree that i have not given enough details. 1700kn is the load on one column. and some columns transfer 2500kn. also please give me some insight on calculating the load due to lift. and one more.. i am using etabs software. how to calculate the area of reinforcement for beams and shear walls after analyzing and modelling? for some beams the total rebar percent is around 5%..
thank you in advance

Dear Panner

I suggest you to check the column loading simply by adding the story loads together.
you should use a coefficient of at least 2 for the lift impact. It means that you must assume 2 times the nominal weight of the lift cabinet as the effective weight on the support slab.
you can use the design option which is on the menu to design either concrete or steel part. The rebar percent will be checked by etabs but 5% is a very crowded situation. You will need to increase the height of the girders.


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