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Good afternoon,
my name is Celine.   I am currently a civil engineering major at a university that I currently attend.   I am starting to realize though that I do not have time for anything else.   I want to join all these clubs, but I always fall behind because of school.   I am so lost.   I currently am apart of a club that I really like and I am going through a process of joining the club, but school demands so much time that I can't balance both.   Should I just forget about joining clubs in school, and just focus on my degree.   What should I do?   I am failing two of my classes right now because I do not have enough time to study the material for my other classes.   I also am really distracted in my classes, I can't seem to focus nor do I know what's going on with most lectures.   Have you had this problem before when you where an undergrad and if so how did you solve it?   Please help!
Thank you!

Dear Celine

The styles of life and study are specific and personnal and can dictated as general rules of conduct. But as we all have common senses and characteristics somehow , I try to give you my way to approach.

1- I suggest you to make a schedule for your studies and hobbies. with this plan you will see that you have a lot of time which have been cocealed behind your crowded style of study.

2- You should have a real and specific daily time to follow your hobbies.

3- you should have a real and specific time to follow your interests during weekends and vacations.

4- You should exercise and follow your favorite sport.

5- you should pray daily if you believe in .

6- you should read books and search in the Internet.

7- never loose your courage because every biological being has ups and downs like spring and winter.

8- write down your weekly results and gains in a booklet.

9- write down your casual weaknesses like  problems you cant resolve in a booklet and then strike through it with red pen, when resolved.

All these are credible with a plan and daily, weekly and monthly schedule. But keep in mind that you cant follow my schedule or plan because your plans and schedules and routines are personal like your tooth brush.


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