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I am a civil engineering graduate, and have 1 and a half year experience in traffic engineering after my bachelors. After this I have done Masters in Building Engineering and Management (Project/Construction Management) from School of Planning and Architecture Delhi, India. I am very much concerned about my future as Project Management in Construction industry is still not very much prevalent in India, I don't know about other countries. That is the reason sometimes I feel, that I have made a wrong choice and feel depressed.

Basically I don't want to work on site, because according to my knowledge the ethics on site are the poorest compared to any other industry. I am more interested to work in the corporate sector and that was the thought I had before taking admission in Post graduation.

Q-1) What are the prospects and growth I can expect in my field(Project Management in Construction) ?

Q-2) What is the scope in other countries for me, say europe, canada, australia, gulf?

Q-3) Suggest me some career keeping my background in mind in which I can stay away from site work also if necessary I can opt for any additional diploma or degree programme via distance mode or part time only.

Q-4) I am an analytical person and generally good with softwares or numbers/calculation related things and not very good at making people work or coordinating with people. I am a kind of introvert person.

So, considering aforementioned things, please guide me what should I do. I think project finance & risk management is a good field which will help me utilising my potential/skills but don't know much about it also don't know whether my qualifications are right for the field?

Please guide me, it is being depressing.

Dear Talha

1,2  I think project management is a daily progressed discipline and you can assess your time and hope to be rewarded in a rational period, everywhere .

3- I suggest you to follow project control field and working with Ms project and primavera software. It will give you good idea to follow your field of ineterst.

4- Project management needs a good human interrelation and huge knowledge in engineering . If you have them your chance to be successful will increase.

I suggest you to pass the BMBOK program to prove your  eligibility to be active in this field.


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