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when we give steel truss on building slab
a how is the tie of individual truss connected to slab
b can we first lay runners / angle iron  on slab on which individual trusses are welded.will this connection be strong or not please clarify

Dear Aamir

The best practice would be to cast concrete on constructed truss. You are doing the opposite which would not be very effective if you don't provide good connection between slab and truss.
When you need to have a good connection you must provide it. Due to imperfection the truss will not work properly , unless you provide a predeflection in the truss which is impossible for your case. I suggest you to try a pretensioning using thermal prestraining. You should force the truss under the constructed slab to have a predeflection . I suggest a thermal method you should design it.

Another scenario can be to connect the upper runner of the truss to the slab with bolts.


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