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QUESTION: hello e. Arshad Khan
please , I want to know , when we have a beam with 2 spans , from the next cases , what cases in which we consider this beam discontinuous ?  
1 - the width of the section differs through the two spans
2 - the depth of the section differs through the two spans
3- the reinforcement  differs through the two spans
4- cases 1&2 together
5- cases 1&3 together
6- cases 2&3 together
7- cases 1&2&3 together
I ask this question to know when I release the ends of beam in etabs .
thanks very much

ANSWER: Hi Ehassan,

I presume that there will be a supporting column where the beam section changes. So:

1. and 2 basically affect the section property, so model them as per actual sizes (apply stiffness modifiers to applicable code).

3. Makes little difference for the analysis, so ignore. But take care when detailing after design.

4. As per my answer 1 above

5. Ditto

6. Ditto

7. Ditto

Basically you have to decide whether the wider beam can have effective continuity into the supporting column- if the answer is yes, then you do not need to assign any releases.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you very much for your quick answer
I understood most your answers but I didn't understand what i have to do for the cases 1 & 2 , release or no .
for that I attach image to explain my question clearly
please tell me which choice I select a or b for cases 1 and 2 , then consider this image as basic for my other cases and tell my if any of your answers changed
thank you

Hi Ehassan,

From what I can see, both beams are hidden beams which means that they are within a 300mm deep slab? If so, just do as I suggested earlier and then anchor the rebar of the wider bit of the beam through the column and into the slab. The column seems a bit narrow to be easily buildable, though.

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