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QUESTION: hello Mr Babak Esmailzadeh Hakimi

When we have a beam extends through two spans (  the support between them is a column ), and it differs in the section in these two spans ( difference may be in width or depth or both or reinforcement  or in all of them ),
my question is : in etabs ... do we have to release the ends of the beam at the middle support ??  so , what cases in which we release these ends at the middle support  ??
thank you ...

ANSWER: Dear Hassan

If you have a moment release you have to model it. As I understand from your question you have a RC structure. You should not release the moment but you would need to provide reinforcement enough to carry the moment in beams. If you think that I havent understood your question please explain me more through a sketch or drawing you would send me.


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QUESTION: hello Mr Babak
thank u for your quick answer , may be you didn't understand me , so i attach an image to explain what i mean .
please tell me which cases i release the ends at middle support and tell me if there are other cases we release at middle support ( that mean we consider the beam not continuous )

Dear Hassan

The response is the same but if I would be in your place I would not transfer any moment to the transversal beam and I would admit that a release would take place in connection of cross beams to  it. But it is not a rule because you should provide a detail to ensure no moment will submitted. No rule but your decision is essential here.


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