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QUESTION: Hello, Welcome back from vacation.

I am building a residential house in 30 X 35 feet plot.

we have a simply supported beam of span 24 feet and resting on a column of 6 inches depth. Beam width is 9 inches and depth is 2 feet.

I wanted to know is the bearing for the simply supported beam on the 6 inches column is sufficient ? Does the stability of the beam depends on the bearing ?

Please see the drawing attached

I am bit concerned, please let me know if you need more information.

warm regards

ANSWER: Dear Nagaraj

Without a definite loading and material strength it is impossible to judge about the design of your structure. Please give me more details about your design.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: here are more details:

1. Column width is 6 inches X 24 inches.
rebars used: 8 nos of 16 mm diameter. 10 feet height

2, Beam: width 9 inches, 2 feet depth, 24 feet span
rebars used: 3 layers of 3 X 20 mm at the bottom, 2 layers of 3 X 20 mm at top. M25 grade RCC used.

Let me know if you need more details

warm regards

ANSWER: Dear Sudarshan

As I stated for a design control I need the loading details like : Dead Load, Live load, Lateral loads like wind or earthquake and ....


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: it is a duplex house. Ground floor is left open and there is a stair case to FF. First Floor and Second floor is duplex. There is a stair case from FF to second floor.

FF has a single room, Living room, Kitchen, toilet, Bath room.
Second floor has two rooms with attached bath and a small living room

This house will be used by a family of four adults and two children.

There is no history of earthquake in this area. Hope this helps. You can make some assumptions based on my above inputs and suggest

warm regards

Dear Sudarshan

As an engineer I cant design with details you provide me, because your information is not enough. I can do a favor for you althogh I think it is not fair that I do an engineering activity without a contract. However please send me a drawing of the building and show me on it the position of the beam and column. I hope you can provide me what I need to help me to help you.


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