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I would like to first thank you for all your previous answers.

Please let me know about any codal restrictions to use of 150mm wide RCC Column and Beams in Practice or Is there any Guidelines for the Same. We have used 150mm wide RCC column for two floor building I got some feedback that there is a minimum width of RCC column as per the standard. I am a bit concerned now.

warm regards

ANSWER: Dear Sudarshan

A minimum of 250 mm is concerned for column width due to probable errors in design and construction.


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QUESTION: Thanks for the response.

If we use the column width less than 250 mm say 150  mm what things should be considered for sound structure.

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ANSWER: Dear Sudarshan

As I stated before the 25 cm limit can be negelected if you have a good quality concrete. You must be sure about the strength of the column. No further action is required in this situation if you have the requiered strength.


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QUESTION: Thank you.

One last question in connection to this subject which really bothers me sometimes. Again it may be my illusion.

Does load bearing capacity of the simply supported beam depends on the bearing width available on the column or the rebar size used for the beam or any other factors. As I understand bearing for the beam should be proportional to the depth of the beam.

So in the case of 25cm column what beam spec you suggest for 24 feet long simply supported beam.

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Dear Sudarshan

Every element must be proportional to other elements. You cant say what is suitable for a size of column as beam size but you can say that usually the size of a column must be at least 90% of the beam size and no upper limit exists i.e you can have unlimited size of column for a given beam size .


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