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QUESTION: how can we say the age of any structure in general.I have heard people saying the age of RCC structure is 50 years. But we can see many RCC structures of age more than 100 years doing well. Is there any straight forward methods so that we can predict the age of any structures? If we design any structure how can we say its life?

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ANSWER: Dear niranjan

The Life time of a building is related to its strength and function. When you cant apply a building due to your actual need you are obligated to destroy it and make a new one. Then for the sake of applicability the life time of structures is assumed around 50 -100 . I can accept that some of structures are able to live more than 100 years but I think that a building of 100 years ago may be unfunctional for today needs.


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QUESTION: But how can we say life of structure from strength pojnt of view.

Dear Niranjan

We have to assess the time history of  decay of strength in structures which is a specific expert field. In offshore structures the effect of cl ion will have destructive effect on concrete and steel strength which can be calculated in advance from the point of view of chemical properties of cement and cl . In ordinary locations there are much better situation. Then the aging problem is not a simple problem to resolve quickly.


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