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Dear Sir,

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I am Chris from Singapore and I am confuse if my 5 ton forklift (with load) if it is able to be operating in a 15KN/m2 load limit flooring. My forklift outer dimension (fork not included) is 2.7m x 1.2m; wheelbase is 1.7m (axel to axel) x 1.2m (outer tyre width). I am currently looking for a factory space that is able to let my forklift operate in it. Thank you for you time Sir.

Hi Christopher,

Based on the figures you have given me, the average load under the forklift footprint is around 25 KN/m2, and the actual pressure under each wheel will be much higher. Therefore, a floor slab with a limit of 15 kN/m2 will not be adequate.

You probably need a floor of at least 250 to 300mm thickness cast on a well compacted hardcore sub-base of around 300 to 400mm thickness. Of course if the original ground is hard (like soft rock, or rock), then the slab may be cast directly on top, with a nominal 75mm screed.

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