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QUESTION: Assalam o alaikum,
Dear Sir,
I am to model a basement in etabs. Basement has 4 side walls and a slab at top. If I model slab as it as at top of walls, it behaves as partially fix support and produces moment at connections between slab and walls. But i want to release this moment.I want my slab to behave as Simply Supported and want my walls acting as Propped Cantilevers instead of both ends fixed. Also suggest me how to provide same connection in real by detailing of reinforcement. I will be very thankful to you.
Jazak Allah.
Thanks and Regards,
Waqas Haider

ANSWER: Hi Waqas,

If you do not want the slab to have moments at the edges, then model it as a  membrane, rather than shell element. That way, the slab has no out-of-plane stiffness but will have in-plane stiffness to provide propping to the walls.

In practical terms, you can provide either a concrete lip to the top of the wall or a bench, so that the slab can sit on the wall but restrains it from lateral movement. An alternative method is to provide vertical dowel bars at regular intervals, and possibly a rubber pad between the top of the wall and soffit of the slab, to permit slight rotation of the slab in the vertical plane.

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QUESTION: Hello Sir,
Thank you so much for your quick response and detailed answer. I furthur need to ask will it be ok to model a shell element like a membrane because i want my slab to take moments so that i may read span moments (not edge moments) from ETABS and design steel of slab accordingly. Moreover, can i provide same detail of steel for pinned connection as we provide in case of footings?
Thank and regard,
Waqas Haider

Hi Waqas,

In that case you will need to do 2 models, the second one with slab as shell and you can reduce the m11, m22, and m12 stiffnesses of the walls to a value of say 0.01, so that they do not provide much edge restraint (moments) to the slab.

Yes, you can detail the slab edge like you say.

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