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Civil Engineering/Non linear link in sap2000?


Dear Esmailzadeh
I have a RC frame which modeled in sap2000.i have backbone curve for all joint's frame which extracted from nonlinear finite element analysis by I would like to define Nonlinear link to be located at a distance of 500 mm away from the column face.but i faced some questions as below.

1- in the edit box for nonlinear link in sap, i used 0.001 for "total weight and mass ", because my link has no weight.

2- in the edit box for "link/support type", i selected Multilinear Plastic type. is it true? (my model is RC frame)

3- what's the "factor for line,Area and Solid springs" and "P-Delta" parameters? is it essential to define?

4- also i considered zero factor for "effective stiffness and effective damping" because my analysis is pushover!! is it true?

5- for the "hysteresis type" from drop-down box , selected "Kinematic".!! is it true?

i attached two pictures about my problem.
i'm forever grateful for your understanding and i would be very grateful for your kind help.
best regards.

Der Behzad

No picture is attached. I suggest you to have a look on hysteresis loop developped by clough, Takeda and others on the internet, because the model for Rc frames is degrading and cant be regarded as non degrading model. After all if this is your way I will be here to help you after your initial look at what I proposed.


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