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Civil Engineering/Calculation of Idle Equipment cost under Works Suspension


Dear Sir,

we are working on a water pipeline project in Tanzania, and I am writing to kindly ask you and request for a advice as follows:

Currently our project is suspended due to Employer's nonpayment, and we are claiming the cost of equipment idleness due to the suspension.
In our submissions to the Engineer, we are using the equipment idle hours and the BOQ day work rate to calculate the cost of equipment idleness.

After reviewing our submissions, the Engineer replied that the calculation of equipment idleness cost by using the BOQ day work rate is not proper because the equipment are parking idle and the BOQ day work rate is for machines running for day works instructed by Engineer, then they are asking for a proper rate to be applied to the equipment idle.

Now Can you please advise whether there is some rule or standard to follow in Engineering practices in such claims? Whether our using the day work rate is correct or whether some percent of the BOQ day work rates should be used?
can you advice or indicate some Engineering clauses or links to me so that we can use to support our calculation; Because it is not persuasive to Engineer/Employer without paper supporting.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your reply and advice.

Daer Alvin

1- If you have a time schedulling program in which you have used a workmanship and machinery assignment you can claim based on it/

2- If you have had daily reports in which you have reported your machinary using and parking, you can claim based on them.

3- If you dont have a machinary assignment in your time schedule you can use the time schedule to provide a workmanship and machinary analysis to reach to your times according to your approved program. For example if you have programmed through an approved time scedule to excavate 100000 m3 of soil material in one week then you can calculate the needed machinery and claim based on it.

4- You can claim based on your past documentary and correspondence.


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