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I have a quick question. I am doing a pushover analysis for a cantilevered steel column in Sap2000. After that I am looking at roof displacement versus resultant base shear. I am wondering, is this a right way to obtain ductility of this system? I am asking because if I divide the maximum displacement to yield displacement, I obtain a ductility of 5 which does not make much sense for me.
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Dear Manouchehr

I dont believe that push over can get a true sense of ductility because you are using an artificial hysteresis behaviour which not seinsitive to the real earthquake shaking.  This is a method to use a displacement method to verify the integrity of the structure under seismic action. However what you have calculated is a general measure of ductility. Why you cant accept it? THis is a measure which can be compared with itself in the same structure and making a somewhat better design.


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