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Civil Engineering/Cracks formation near column nod bricks joints


QUESTION: Hello sir
I recently purchased a individual house and after that I constructed on that 3floors ( G+2 and a pent house )
and completed successfully but the problem starts after 6months . Near ground floor around the building, cracks are formed in between the column nd brick Joints. Now I'm worried what to do and how to solve the problem. The cracks are formed inside the building and outside also
I hope u understood question sir.

ANSWER: Hi Vinay,

Its very difficult to explain without more information about the structure and additional floors. The problem may be due to settlement of foundations, possibly the brickwork is not supported on ground beams, so there is differential settlement.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you sir for ur answer,But is it any solution like chemicals or removing the plastering near column Nd bricks and install plaster mesh and pack it by plaster again ????

Hi Vinay,

Yes, once the cracks have stabilised (measure them over a  period of a few weeks, you can remove the plaster for say 75mm each side of the joint between column and wall, nail in 150mm wide strip of expanded metal, and then re-plaster. That should eliminate the ugly cracks!

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