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Assalam-o-Alaikum sir,
in finite element analysis and design of slab in csi safe software,csi safe calculate reinforcements for every element i-e for each mesh element.after obtaining reinforcements for each element hoe i will distribute these reinforcements in slab,if the fllor plan is of complex shape.can i get some help from the moment contours for reinforcements layout for this slab.

Dear Saleem

The moment contours give you a scheme of moment in 2  selected directions say X and Y but dont give you a direct information about which directions including X and Y will be the best directions to reinforce the slab. But you can use the moment of MX and MY to find a direction say with teta angle with respect to X or Y in which the moments are maximum and minimum. Your desired direction is this i.e a direction along which the moments are minimum and maximum. You can use the mohr circle concept to find this direction.


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