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hi!  why need to include chemistry is civil engineering? can you give me atleast 5 significance with examples? please i need answers. Thank You!

Dear James

1- When you are designing and constructing structures in fields of high corrosion hazard like sea sides chemical knowledge may help you as a civil engineer to better select the way to protect your structure.

2- An engineer shall be aware of hydratation phenomenon of cement to get stiffed. With a shallow procedural knowledge the engineer will not have sense and serious action toward related problems.

3- There are so many chemical products which are coming to the market and you are forced to select them for your project. Your chemical knowledge will help you to better select your required material.

4- The damage of water and waste water piping inside the building will better be resolved if the engineer is aware of the mechanism of chemical reaction of piping material and corrosive materials or even some cathodic reaction of metal material toward each other.


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