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plz i need help in designing shear wall i want to ask about the reason that some time the shear wall  is considered at all like a boundary element it means that the reinforcement along the wall have the same distribution like a boundary element ( transversal and longitudinal reinforcement + vertical reinforcement)

Dear Batoul

you can design a shear wall as a shear and moment and axial forces distributed in it and also to assume boundary elements with concentrated axial forces in boundary elements. The difference appear in ductility concerns . A boundary element design give you more ductility against seismic effects because of diagonal concentrated action of the wall. In distributed concern the side reinforcements behave plastically but inner reinforcements which are usually over designed cant behave so because their over strength. Then it is up to the designer to choose the strategy of design and then the designer must accept a ductility level related to the system adopted( distributed or concentrated baoundary ).


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