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QUESTION: Dear sir ,
tell me what is the importance of Geo-tech investigation before house construction?.some people doesn't take this but some Avail this investigation-
spouse we found soft formation(clay) at 15-ft
at 11-ft found sandstone
at 9-ft again clay during the investigation
now what would you suggest ?

ANSWER: Dear Waqar

There is 2 effects you must cosider:
1- strength of the soil
2- Deformation of the soil

both are affected by soil type. Then you need to investigate the soil profile under the foundation before designing and construction of the building.


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QUESTION: If soil profile ( Horizon A,B,C,E,and O ) is known, which type of soil is deserve for best foundation ?
Which Test tell us the soil Deformation and strength ?


ANSWER: Dear Waqar

A, B, C, D is a classification of grain size of the soil and is not directly related to the engineering properties of the soil. Geotechnical engineering is a sophisticated field and cant be summerized here. But as a general method you can use SPT (Standard Penetration Test). It can be performed by a geotechnical engineer.


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QUESTION: thanks-sir if water is encounter at foundation depth of 15-ft or 8 ft during testing or sampling. what should we do ? is it demerit or beneficial for us ?

Dear Waqar

If the soil is sand or gravel no problem if you encounter water table underneath of the foundation. For clay case it would be source of deformations in the building because of sensitivity of clay toward water either getting watered or dried. After all I suggest you to make a 50 cm of gravel and stone basement under the foundation to prevent the moisture penetrate inside your building.


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