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    Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to do some research on my clarinet.  I am finding that the information out there does not seem to match up.  The clarinet is a wooden Selmer with Depose on it and it also seems to say series 6.  I can not find any information about a 6 series, and I am wondering if the 9 was maybe stamped upside down?  Also, the serial number does not match up.  It is S 7858, which I can not find listed anywhere.  Any help you could give me would completely help fix my curiosity issue!  Thank you,

Steve -

I'm out of circulation for the time being after surgery, so I don't have access to information to answer your question.  For the present and near future, I'm on the AllExperts Inactive list.

That said, I've never heard of a Series 6 Selmer either.  S7858 is from 1962.  See

Try scrubbing the "seems to say" area with a damp toothbrush, which will get the crud out of the stamping and make it easier to decipher.

Sorry I can't give further help.

Ken Shaw


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