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I have a 1930's Silver King clarinet with a gold washed sterling silver bell. Excellent condition, no dents or scratches. Broken spring under one key. Also have the case. Only thing missing is the screw in lyre. Would like to sell it. Is it worth more as a vintage instrument or try to sell for silver value. My father born in 1916 played it in high school, I played it in high school in the 60's.


  Sorry to get so late to you. I have just finished my concerts with my band and now getting ready for my Christmas Concert!

  To answer your question I must say, one does not come across a Silver King Clarinet. If you find the right person or put it up on ebay once you get it repaired it could go for over $1,000.

  The best Silver Kings have gold wash inside the bell. The gold inside the bell indicates top quality, not because of the gold but because they were made with greater care and by better craftsmen. I would say that you take it to get repaired and get a second opinion there at the shop. They will have a better look at it and see if it is a rare one but by what you tell me, it sounds like it is!

  Find the right buyer, (jazz person) and you got yourself some dough. You can at least get over $400 for it!

  If you have any other questions or I didn't answer your question, let me know!

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