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Hello Jack,
I have just found my clarinet after years of storage. Would like to sell but can not find any info on it.
It says : Buffet
         Crampon & Cie
         (A or L) PARIS
         Then a logo
The serial # is 73329.  l would say it is in fair condition. Needs pads, mouth piece,cork. Springs seem ok. Could use a polish on keys . Wood looks good. No cracks.
What would be a fair asking price to sell it for?
Thank you for your help.

Hello Sandra,
Sorry about the delay in this answer. I did answer and send it some days ago but a glitch in the system did not send it on. Your clarinet comes from batch  69713-73319,which means these clarinets were made in 1962...
Some 50 years ago, if Buffet made their then topline R-13 clarinet, and it did not quite come out to the specifications, it was stamped 'ACADEMY'  model....These were sold  for much less than a 'perfect' R-13...The 1962 pricefor an ACADEMY  was $350. ..The "imperfection" might be a slight discoloration in the wood, a scratch or scuff mark in the wood or keys [happening during machining], or perhaps an irregularity in a tone hole....They are still basically R-13 clarinets ,and sometimeshave  identical playing characteristics and only just cosmetic issues....These days, many of these issues would be fixed on the spot but in the 60s, it may have been easier to label the product differently and keep the line moving.
..If your clarinet needs pads/corks and mouthpiece, you might only expect $200-300....If you were to provide a good mouthpiece, have the clarinet corked/padded/serviced/polished/and perhaps a new presentation case, you could probably come up with quite a reasonable instrument  that would be easier to sell....This could be sold for $700+. Keep in mind that at the moment you are selling a 50 year old clarinet that needs work......Cheers   JACK


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