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I am the original owner of a Buffet Clarinet b flat.  It was given to me new in 1965 to play in my high school symphonic band.  I was told the keys are silver but I have no way to verify that.  The markings say Buffet Crampon Paris.  Under that it says made in France.  The serial number is 90912.  It has always had very good care but has been in storage for 20 years.  The wood is in excellent condition.  A few of the pads stick.  it does not have a mouthpiece  How do I know if it is an R 13?  What would be a rough value and where is the best place to sell it.


Hello JANE,
The serial number on your clarinet indicates manufacture in the 1965-66 time period..It is an R-13 model...A repairman could verify the silver or nichol plate keys...There are quite  a few R-13 clarinets on Ebay at the moment, with new prices ranging from $2,900up.. Your clarinet is 47 years old, and has some sticking pads...To get the best price, I would suggest that you take the clarinet to  a repairman who will  fix any issues of sticking pads and replacing any worn pads, oil wood etc....If the clarinet has been stored for 20 years, I hope it was in a dry place so the case/wood does not have a bad smell...If you take care of these issues, you could correctly advertise your clarinet as 'just serviced,perfect working order'...There is a clarinet on Ebay now, very similar date and serial number as yours...It is listed as "overhauled"  [which puts an instrument in perfect playing order]...It is listed at $1600.00]....If your clarinet was serviced, You could expect  a similar price..These clarinets hold their value pretty well because they are excellent instruments...Cheers   JACK    P.S  Ebay may be the best place to sell because of the relatively low selling cost in relation to the size of the market the advertisement will reach.


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