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Hello, I'm not a clarinet player, just a fan of music, and I would like your expert opinion on this case:
It's a "Leblanc Paris France" wood clarinet, serial number 29279, and the logo has something that looks like a bell above it. The mouthpiece (if that's how it's called) has "Noblet" written on it. From what I saw on the Internet, it's a 1968 model.

A colleague of mine found it laying on a pile of garbage in the street and gave it to me. I have absolutely no idea where it's from, where it's been, and in what condition it is... all I saw was that the cork on the upper-middle piece, the one with the hole, is damaged.

A repairman said the wood is not damaged, but it's not in a playing condition and needs an overall (about 400$). He added that it's a model that is different from the clarinets that are in use by clarinet players today, and that if i want to sell it, it will be difficult to find a buyer.

What do you think? Is there anything I should know about this instrument? Is it considered a pro level or the opposite? Is it really different from today clarinets so nobody would play it or buy it? And how much do you think it's worth?

Thank you very much for your time,


Hello Daniel,
You are correct on the date of your clarinet [1968]...Most of Leblanc pro-level instruments were made in Paris, so while Leblanc does not specify models next to the serial number, which is a shame, I would guess that yours is a pro level instrument...I agree with the repairman that an overhaul would cost up to $400.  If the clarinet was overhauled and in a brand new presentation case [$60-$80]. you could reasonably expect a sale price of up to $800-$1000.00...The only thing that would make the clarinet different from todays' clarinets is if it was an ALBERT system clarinet, which I do not think it is....Cheers   JACK


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