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I am not a professional musician.  I played woodwinds in school band as a kid.  I traded it all in for the 'folk scene' in the 60's.  This past week I found a very pretty clarinet at a thrift store.  It is hand engraved on the bell, J. W. YORK & SONS.  The name is underlined with GRAND RAPIDS; then under that, MICH.
What attracted me to this instrument was the wooden body.  It is not black ebony as far as I can tell.  The wood is a brown tone and looks like teak; but I am no expert.
I looked down the long list of instruments by York in the site and although among the thousands of listings for horns and the occasional sax, there were no clarinets listed.
I did not purchase this instrument for investment return value but more pure sentiment and a desire to get my lip (and lungs) back.  However if it is valuable, my survivors should know.  Also, although I can't find anything broken per se, the corks and pads are in need of replacement.  I would like to find a company or individual to do an expert re-build on my 'new' clarinet. Any advice is a start.
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Hello Rich,
The York Company started in 1882,and in 1398 was renamed J. York and Son to bring the son into the business.  The company made instruments up to 1971, and laid idle until bought out by Boosey and Hawkes in 1976... Boosey went out of business in 1986....York instruments are student level. If you had your clarinet overhauled [which would cost up to $400, depending on the repairer, you would end up with an instrument that played as good as it could,but it would still not play as well in tune as an intrmediate  or professional grade instrument,both of which can be bought 2nd hand on EBAY and overhauled for  a better end result...Cheers    JACK    regard to repairs, check the yellow pages in your local area to find an instrument repairman...It could be that your clarinet does not need a complete overhaul...There are also repairmen listed on the internet that seem cheap...You would have to post the clarinet to/from the repairman.


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