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Hi Jack,

I have just moved to perth from London and I have bought with me my old Boosey & Hawkes 10-10 B-flat clarinet. I am sadly thinking about selling it so I can buy a piano so I can start some form of music again. I would love it if you were able to help me find out what I should be asking for it. As far as I remember being told at the time (25 years ago) it was quite old maybe even pre war?! (is that possible?) It has a beautiful tone and I think my parents paid about 700 for it back then but I may be mistaken (or we may have been ripped off!!).

Any advice would you have to guide me would be fantastic.

Kindest regards


Hello Matt;
The Boosey and Hawkes 10-10 model was the best from Boosey...The post war models with an added ACTON key [which helped intonation] are sought after...Most of the British symphony players preferred/played the 10-10. Most of them switched to the Buffet  R-13  when that iconic clarinet came out in 1955....A 10-10 today, if in overhauled condition, usually goes for $1200-1500..A good clarinet overhaul can cost up to 4450  in AUSTRALIA,DEPENDING ON THE QUALITY OF PADS USED AND WHO IS DOING THE WORK...If there are few scratches in the wood and the clarinet comes with the special 10-10 mouthpiece [needed to play these clarinets in tune] the upper limit applies...If the clarinet has scratches in the wood, or does not have the 10-10 mouthpice ,or needs work [pads /springs/corks] the lower limit  [and lower] applies...The 10-10 mouthpiece can be purchased from PETER EATON CLARINETS at a cost of almost $350 .or more, as I recall.   You can look up the serial number [and date your instrument]  at  CLARINET PERFECTION.COM....The bore of these instruments is over .600, the biggest around,and this helps it make the big sound.....Cheers....JACK


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