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Hi Jack, I have recently found a Boosey and Hawkes 400 clarinet in my attic. It was bought second hand for my daughter at least 10 years ago. It is still in the case and seams to be in good condition - though I don't really no if it is or not on a experts scale.
I am looking to sell it as my children are grown up and have no interest in it. I would appreciate it if you could help me in this matter.
thank you, Joanne.

Hello Joanne,
I could find little on  a B&H  400 clarinet but did find a Buescher 400 model...Since there is so little on the net, I would think it did not last too long in the market place and is probably a student level clarinet....You might get a few hundred dollars  on EBAY for this clarinet........Cheers   JACK  


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