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Mr. Wiard,

I'm a music store and Brass and Woodwind repair shop owner in Covington, Georgia USA and I've recently come into possession of a Buffet R13 clarinet from the early 1970's. The clarinet is in excellent condition and we are in the process of doing a complete restoration. The person that owned this instrument played professionally for the Milwaukee symphony in the early 1970's and left the symphony after only 2 years (found religion) and never played it again. Considering it's age it's a great instrument. However I've found something a bit odd.

In the case there is a mouthpiece that is hand engraved Pyne M13C. We contacted the Payne mouthpiece company and was informed that this mouthpiece was made by Mr. Payne himself and designed specifically for the R13 clarinet. Although Pyne mouthpieces are still in production this particular design is not. This mouthpiece does not have the Pyne logo on it and looks like it could be based on a Selmer blank. The only marking is the hand engraved name I've described above.

If you have any idea if this is a rare piece or if it's valuable, please let me know. If you need any photos, I will be glad to send them.


Hello Charles,
I am unfamiliar with this mouthpiece..Maybe another expert on this list  can help you. Re. the R-13 clarinet you have, I have one of the same vintage and one year ago sold  another one like that for $2,000. I  think they are great clarinets.  Now the price seems to be  around $1500.   Cheers   JACK


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